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JB Painting Offers Painting Services To Both Residential And Commercial Locations Throughout Arizona!

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We realize that you call a painting contractor because you’re seeking honesty, quality and a fantastic reputation. We Can Help You With All Your Painting Needs... At JB Painting, our promise is to give you 5 Star Service and workmanship on any interior or exterior painting projects you need done. Our team has over 45 years of combined experience with commercial or residential interior or exterior painting projects.


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We Provide High-Quality Services

JB Painting offers a wide variety of services. If it requires a brush, then we have a solution for you!
We offer our clients painting services for commercial and residential. All of our services are available for a residential and commercial application.
For a complete list of services please look at the list below:

Residential Painting

Residential Painting

This is our most standard service. We have performed house painting on clients new homes, or on homes that just need a fresh look. We’ve performed interior and exterior painting on all types of materials.

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

For landlords, business owners, property managers and more, JB Painting can complete your commercial painting project. Our team knows how to work efficiently while still giving you a great final product!


Staining & Lacquering

JB Painting does staining for wood work in your home. With different options in lacquers and stains, you can get the precise finish you’ve been looking for!

Stucco Painting

Stucco Painting

Interested in getting a textured or stylized paint job on your house? JB Painting is the company you want to call. We have completed a wide variety of textured paint jobs to give homes that distinct look you can expect from Stucco.

Wood Painting

Wood Painting

Proper painting practices are necessary when you’re working on materials like wood. In order to get the best results, hire a painting contractor that knows what they’re doing. JB Painting knows how to get the job done.

Water Blasting

Water Blasting

Before you get started doing any exterior painting, properly cleaning the structure’s exterior is a must. Skipping this step will reduce the life span of the new coat of paint.

Steel Painting

Steel Painting

Painting steel has several specific steps that must be taken in order to make sure the paint and the material is properly taken care of. JB Painting has got you covered from start to finish.

Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can be painted to courtesy your property, or fill out parking lines. Clients can hire a JB Painting contractor to take care of their concrete flooring projects.

Minor Drywall Repair

Minor Drywall Repair

Cover up unsightly holes in your wall through a professional drywall repair. JB Painting offers our clients minor drywall repairs to restore their walls with holes to their pre-event condition.

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Gary Andros

JB Painting uses the best paints and every member of the team was competent and professional. Did a great job and I will use them again on our next project.

Nicholas Hollingsworth

Simply put, JB is TOP notch! Joe is professional and he really cares about his work and his customer's. Only call them if you want the best job!

World-Class Painting Services

Painters are not all the same. Workmanship plays a huge factor in the final product. You need a painter that has the integrity to do the job right- cutting corners could cause $1000’s in additional repair work.

At JB Painting, we’ve built our brand with integrity on every painting project we’ve ever handled. We make your needs our own and use only the finest materials, techniques and painting professionals.

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Painting Myths Busted

  • If You Prime, You Don’t Need to Sand or Clean First

While primers are effective problem solvers, they can’t perform miracles. Cleanliness is essential. Nothing will adhere to a dirty, greasy or dusty surface. Ensure that all surfaces are clean before painting or priming if your paint job is to last. This is especially true for baseboards, bathrooms, kitchens and high-traffic or high-touch areas.

  • Exterior Paints Are All the Same, So Look for a Bargain
When it comes to paint, cost is a reliable indicator of quality. Paints engineered for one type of surface often won’t work on another type of surface. Coating and substrate compatibility are critical. Manufacturer websites are a trusted source of technical information providing a wealth of product knowledge and application advice.

  • Do you need insurance to become a painter?
If you work alone a painter should carry liability insurance. If a painter has a helper or crew then workman compensation insurance as well as liability insurance has to be held by the contractor. Also if a contractor who works alone but may work for a general contractor in most cases they would have to hold both insurances.

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JB Painting strives to be different in the painting industry. We treat your home like it belonged to our family. That means we spend extra time during the prep-work. We use the highest quality painting materials and only hire highly experienced, ethical painters. 

Our team is here for you from start to finish. With [number] years of world-class professionalism and service, we consider it a privilege to solve all your roofing needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I've had bids before, and I get some prices that are high, low, and all over the place. Why?

The cost of a job is usually determined by the level of thoroughness, attention to detail and quality desired. For example, it costs more to properly prepare a surface for painting than to give it the "quick once over." We would be happy to review in detail our calculations for your project so you can make a fair comparison with other bids.

Do you protect our furnishings and clean up after you are done?

Yes. Floors, furniture and areas that are not supposed to be painted will be covered with drop cloths or plastic sheets. On completion we will pick up and clean up to return your home to the condition that we found it.

Why hire JB Painting Company?

Of the many reasons to hire JB Painting, none is as important as your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional paint job that meets or beats your expectations and will protect your investment for years to come.

We are proud of our reputation as one of the most reputable painting contractors, and are equally as proud that the majority of our work comes from referrals by truly satisfied customers.

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